Semana 2 en Madrid

¡LO SIENTO! I know this can barely be considered a blog since I don’t really blog very often, but there is just no time! I’m not going to write as much as last time and won’t give a detailed recipe. BUT I will show you pictures (with captions!) and show you a dish that our madre in Madrid made for us twice! Which I’m guessing it’s a staple in her house and in other Spanish homes. Highlights of Week 2 in Madrid: going to el Parque del Retiro (seriously one of the nicest parks that I’ve ever seen – and yes I’ve been to NYC’s Central Park), going to my first bull fight or La Corrida de Toros (not the most fun to watch – actually I didn’t like it at all – but it’s a huge part of the culture here in Spain and I felt inclined to experience it), excursions in Segovia and Salamanca (a big college town), and going to my first real football game (El Corazón Classic Match between Real Madrid and Manchester United legends – aka – the old dudes)!

Rose garden in el Parque del Retiro.
PEACOCK garden in the park! Literally a huge garden with 20 peacocks in it. Weird how the males are so much prettier than the females, right? That’s not how it’s supposed to be! Shout out to Hayley Pocock 🙂
Pretty lake in the park. You can rent a row boat and go in the lake for a little 30 minute ride – que romantico!
Wanna be Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. I paid 1 Euro to sit down and have tea with him…it was pretty weird. What does that guy do in his spare time?
La Corrida de Toros – bull fight and huge tradition in Spain. I had to walk out of the arena after they killed the first two bulls to get some air. It was very weird to watch, but I am glad that I experienced it when I was in Madrid.
Just thought this looked cool (Salamanca).
Some of the group in La Plaza Mayor de Salamanca.
The organ in la Catedral de Santa Maria in Segovia. I took this picture for my Nanny because I know she loves the sounds of church organs. I asked our tour guide if it still works and she said “si, claro” (yes, of course). Stupid question?
My roommate, Salina, and me in Segovia.
I like taking pictures 🙂 this photo is courtesy of Kelsy Dominick, a VT student on the trip with me.
Rapunzel? Alcazar de Segovia – a really sweet castle.
We went to the top of La Torre de los Leones in Alcazar (basically we just climbed like a gazillion stairs). But the view of Segovia was worth it.
All of the group!
La Corazon Classic Match in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. SO COOL! Only cost 6 Euro because they weren’t the players from the current Real Madrid and Man U teams (they were legends). We got to sneak down closer to the field after the first half.
Me and Salina outside the stadium!
This is the dish that our madre made for us twice. It’s a creamy soup that can be eaten cold, room temperature, or hot (perfect for all seasons). I don’t know what is so Spanish about it, but madre said it was a common dish to find in Spain. Madres know best.

The soup is made with zucchini, potatoes, onions, garlic, EVOO, parsley, and chicken stock. Then you just puree all of it together. It’s really good! Especially when used as a dip with the loaf of french bread that was served at every meal. I’m nervous to put up pictures from Alicante later this week (y’all are gonna see what Spanish food has done to me – maybe I will have run it off since I have the beautiful boardwalk and piers to jog on instead of the smoggy, city streets of Madrid – we shall see).

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll have week 3 in Madrid up soon since I’m already on week 1 in Alicante! Love and miss you all!

love, maddie